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About Us

OnRetainer legal services is not a prepaid legal plan offering you discounts on services when you need them, but a collaboration of services offered by many of the top law firms in the Houston area provided monthly and on demand such as:

  • FREE & Guaranteed hourly rates for in-court and out-of-court representation. This helps you save money and manage legal costs.
  • An array of services for which there is no charge, including phone consultations; legal letters and documents such as collection letters and contracts, ASSET Protection, Vendor Disputes & many more…
  • Reduced rates for once-in-awhile services such as real estate closings and other real estate matters, wills, tax preparation, representation during tax audits and bankruptcy, selling of business, investment evaluation and much more…
  • Reductions in contingency fees for legal matters such as collections, personal injury, credit problems and others.

One of the great benefits of OnRetainer legal plans—is that participating businesses are more likely to seek legal help early, rather than put off legal help until problems are more involved and far more serious.

OnRetainer legal plans can help manage your small business’ legal costs by allowing access to legal assistance for a monthly or annual fee, rather than paying on an incident-by-incident basis at higher costs.

Members of OnRetainer also enjoy the benefits of our educational reports, news and announcements regarding legislation that affects you, Webinar series and face to face seminars & luncheons.